For Beginners

For Beginners

Here you can find the best discs for taking the first steps in disc golf! A few hints for choosing the right discs:

Disc types

The most suitable first disc is a straight flying mid-range disc as it works well for putting and driving too. When you want to expand your disc selection the first addition should be a putter, followed by a reliable fairway driver. There is a variety of discs with different stabilities to choose from. Learn to throw the easier discs accurately and slowly work your way up to more ”challenging” drivers. We recommend learning to throw over 80 meters consistently before adding high speed drivers in your selection.

Flight ratings

Beginners and players with low arm speed should prefer discs with low fade, indicated by the last number in the flight ratings. A disc with strong fade will decrease the distance of throws and they are harder to throw straight. The third number, turn, should also be low. A good rule is to add together the turn and fade ratings: a high sum translates to a difficult disc.

It is a common mistake to pick up fast distance drivers (speeds 10-14) too early. These discs require high arm speed and a lot of control in order to work accurately and effectively. Discs with slower speed are significantly easier to control.

Disc weight

Beginners, young and many female players are better off with light discs because they don’t require high arm speed for a good glide. We recommend discs up to weight class 165-169 grams for the aforementioned players. The optimal weight class for beginners is most likely 150 class or 151-164 grams and even LITE (below 150 grams) for children. Heavier putters may be used in the beginning because heavier putter is often more accurate at short distances