Axiom Envy

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The Envy has a smooth modern feel that fits in the hand perfectly, lending confidence for both putt and approach duties. The Envy exhibits reliable high-speed stability and a minimal fade. With a slightly lower profile and cruising speed than the Ion and Anode class, the Envy is a uniquely “lid-like” stable putter.


Disc colour and foils will vary however, the James Conrad Commemorative disc is light yellow with a blue rim

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Speed 3   Glide 3   Turn 0   Fade 2


Axiom Envy Special Edition

*Deep breath* *Exhale* There is 247ft between you and greatness. Miss, and you are out of bounds. Runner up. Second to greatness. History doesn’t remember good tries. History remembers perfection. Perfection requires confidence. Confidence requires trust. Trust is formed in the fires of competition. Trust is not won easily – it is earned. When James Conrad stood at the precipice of greatness, he turned to the Electron Envy. The rest, as they say, is the Greatest Shot In Disc Golf History. Commemorate the moment that will live on beyond us all with an SE Envy in Electron Firm plastic. Mike Inscho renders the moment brilliantly – the thrill of anticipation, the ecstasy of triumph – all captured


Premium Glow Updated and is said to be the best on the market!
  • Glow CORE 2.0 Ultrabright
  • Alternate Flight to Premium Plastics
  • Designed for visibility day or night
  • High durability for a long consistent life


The Envy’s defining flight characteristic is its ability to hold a straight flight for power throwers, but also be a dependably stable approach disc for lower power throwers.

Its medium depth offers a healthy balance of straight flight paired with an easy clean release. While its flight stability is largely similar to the MVP Ion, the Envy offers an entirely new feel.

Its versatile stability on any type of shot will help the Envy find its way into every Axiom thrower’s bag.


CLASS 10mm Putt / Approach
WEIGHTS 165g – 175g



Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Soft Cosmic Electron, Medium Cosmic Electron, Firm Cosmic Electron, Soft Neutron, Neutron, Cosmic Neutron, Eclipse 2.0, James Conrad Commemorative Electron Firm Special Edition, Electron James Conrad Signature, Electron Soft James Conrad Signature, Electron Firm James Conrad Siganture


165-169, 170-175