Discmania Evolution Instinct

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The Instinct is the first fairway driver and the very first disc released in Discmania’s Evolution line. It offers the perfect blend of control and stability, resulting in a fairway driver that can be depended on for touch shots as well as big crushes down the fairway. The disc is a glide machine and makes your control drives longer. Evolve your game by trusting your instincts!


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Speed 7   Glide 5   Turn 0   Fade 2


Good for: Control drives, sidearms, for advanced and Pro players

The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will change colours when tilted at different angles when held in any light, making for an even more unique customer experience. We have found it to contain just as much grip as our traditional Neo plastic but will be a bit more rigid in the hand and generally a tiny bit more dome to the profile, too.



Neo – Semi-translucent, premium plastic. Not only great looking but also the most durable and rigid Evolution line plastic! Still has some flex to it, and thanks to the special finish it offers an awesome grip. Evolution line discs are typically the most overstable in Neo plastic.


The Special Edition discs are the same ones you may have seen in Discmania’s winter 2021 Mystery Box selections. They ended up producing a bit more of these than were needed for the boxes. Here’s a rare chance to grab the Instinct with highly durable Forge material.

Forge plastic is Evolution Line’s custom plastic with metallic outlook. It has really shiny finish and translucent look. Forge plastic is a little bit more rigid than for example Neo material and tends to produce a little more overstable flight for the disc.


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Special Edition Forge: Green 173g, Special edition Lux Grey eternal wave 169g, Special edition Lux Pink North Star 175g, Special edition Lux Pink/Purple North Star 176g