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The Tilt is a disc like no other. We gave Simon Lizotte free reign to create his dream disc. The Tilt is specifically designed to suit Simon’s needs according to his specifications. This is the most overstable golf disc in the market. It may not be overtly versatile, but you can be sure it always fades hard, making it probably the most dependable utility disc in the market.





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The Tilt excels in situations where you need to cut a tight corner or require a “hero shot” to get yourself out of a tight spot. Thanks to its unprecedentedly aggressive fade, throwing the Tilt on a regular backhand shot tends to result in a grenade-like line. Alternatively, you can throw the Tilt upside down to yield a more traditional flight path you’d normally get out of a fairly overstable driver.

The iridescent qualities of Meta plastic will change colors when tilted at different angles when held in any light, making for an even more unique customer experience. We have found it to contain just as much grip as our traditional Neo plastic but will be a bit more rigid in the hand and generally a tiny bit more dome to the profile, too.

Pro Tip: Meta plastic is the most overstable version of the standard Neo and Lux plastics that we have offered so far. Durability, grip, and glide – or lack of it in this case – will remain roughly the same as in Neo plastic but initial out of the box flight is going to need just a little extra mustard on your throw, which we know you’re going to appreciate.

About the creator series: Creator series is a special disc made exclusively in cooperation with our players. These are tailored and molded exactly to their specifications to create a true masterpiece that fits their game well. You can expect more of these to come in the future. This collection has been reserved for discs only at this point but we’ll always expand our horizons each chance we get with other products, too.

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