Dynamic Discs Defender

$27.50 inc. GST

Dynamic Discs’ Defender is a super-fast overstable driver with a big rim and big fade. A perfect middle ground between the Trespass and the Enforcer in terms of over-stability, this disc will allow big arms a long straight flight with a hard fade at the end, perfect for controlled distance shots and headwinds.

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The problem with the highest speed discs is that they are historically understable. This is no longer an issue. The Defender is here. Fast. Stable. Neither of these descriptions will be in dispute after you unleash this scorcher. You will no longer have to put away your high speed discs when the wind begins to blow. The Defender will have your back when the course and the elements conspire to take you down.

Speed 13, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 3


The Defender traditionally gets a touch of flip before a reliable fade, but in the great feeling Hybrid-X plastic, it will hold up to torque more than in any of the other plastics. It is a perfect disc for those straight to overstable distance shots. The Hybrid-X Defender is the perfect disc for pure distance headwind shots and is extremely trustworthy at all times! It has a great feel in the hand for both forehand and backhand shots. Should be an extremely useful disc that beats into a long bomber. This Hybrid-X plastic won’t be around for long. Grab one of these great feeling discs today!

Dynamic Discs says this about the run: “It isn’t July 4th anymore, but you might think it is with this Hybrid-X Defender. Featuring an eagle stamp within a cool wings emblem, you’ll love the extra stability from the Hybrid-X plastic paired with a new look.”


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 2 × 2 cm

BioFuzion, Lucid, Hybrid-X


165-169, 170-175