Glow PD3 North Star

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The PD3 is perfect for extreme wind, reliable skip shots, forceful backhand or forehand throws, and if you needed a wild card disc in your arsenal, this is the one. Although it’s certainly not a beginner friendly disc, we imagine most players will find a use for one of these in their bag. Since this release is very limited and reserved exclusively as a fundraiser disc only, act fast while inventory is available.


*Foil colours will vary

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Speed 11   Glide 3   Turn 0   Fade 5


Grab the cool North Star stamped PD3 today while supplies last! This marks the first ever release of the Glow PD3 since the fundraiser version for European Open.


Pro Tip: Glow C-Line plastic is generally the most overstable plastic made in any mold we’ve seen so far. These are just as durable as C-Line and will have just a touch more grip to the plastic as well. Plus, they glow in the dark!

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm