Innova Mako3

The newest addition to Innova’s recent “3”-series of midranges is also the most beginner friendly. Mako3 has a smooth straight flight path with minimal fade in the end, when thrown with low to moderate amount of power. When thrown with high power, the Mako3 will gradually turn, making it optimal disc for long turning anhyzer shots even on a narrow line.

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A great performing disc that can take and hold the angle of release. Turnover shots stay turned over and hyzer shots stay hyzer. Excellent for staying on narrow fairways and threading through forests.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

STAR: Red / Rainbow foil / 180gram, STAR: Aqua / Silver foil / 180gram, CHAMPION: Purple / Wonderbread foil / 165g, CHAMPION: Blue / Gold foil / 167g, CHAMPION: Yellow / Blue foil / 172g, CHAMPION: Pink / Black foil / 172g, CHAMPION: Orange / Wonderbread foil / 175g, CHAMPION: Yellow / Silver foil / 176g, CHAMPION: Pink / pink foil / 176g, CHAMPION: Green / Silver foil / 177g, CHAMPION: Orange / Blue foil / 180g, CHAMPION: Blue / Yellow foil / 180g, CHAMPION: Pink / Silver foil / 180g