Innova Wraith

The Wraith is a long stable Distance Driver with speed, glide and accuracy. Wraith can provide great distance for players of almost all skill levels. It is an excellent down wind driver that also performs predictably into the wind. The Star Wraith is endorsed by 12-time World Champion, Ken Climo.

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The widely used and very versatile distance driver Wraith is the disc of choice for long and accurate drives off the tee for the 12-time Disc Golf World Champion Ken Climo. This disc is easy to learn to control, when you need a driver that soars further than your fairway drivers. Thanks to a perfect combination of mild high speed turn and dependable low speed fade, this disc is most likely the most versatile driver in its speed range (11). Especially in heavier weights, the Wraith can withstand a great amount of power and even headwind and still performs very predictably.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Star / Pink / Silver foil / 162g, Star / Orange / Rainbow foil / 167g, Star / Purple / Gold foil / 168g, Star / Green / Blue foil / 173-175g, Star / Orange / Green foil / 173-175g, Star / Teal Yellow swirl / Silver Foil / 173-175g, Star / Blue / Silver foil / 173-175g, G Star / Red / Green foil / 173-175g, G Star / Lime / Gold foil / 173-175g, Star / Red / Green Bottom stamp / 173-175g, Star / Blue / Gold Bottom stamp / 173-175g, Champion / Dark Pink / Blue foil / 167g, Champion / Yellow / Blue foil / 169g, Champion / Pink / Silver foil / 171g, Champion / Purple / Pink foil / 171g, Champion / Blue / Pink foil / 173-175g, Champion / Pink / Black foil / 173-175g, Champion / Yellow / Pink foil / 173-175g, Champion / Light red / Wonderbread foil / 173-175g, Champion / Dark Red / Black foil / 173-175g