MVP Deflector

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The MVP disc line-up had lacked an overstable mid-range disc for quite a while, until now! The Deflector is a meat-hook with a hard fade, perfect for strong forehand throws, fighting the wind, and shaping some dramatic flight patterns to navigate around obstacles. This is the real deal.

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The Deflector is here to combat headwinds and produce powerful overstable flights in all conditions. Deflector answers the call of many fans looking for a slower speed disc with powerful overstability. On an anhyzer release the Deflector will fight out of its turn and flatten out to fade. On a hyzer line the disc will follow a smooth fade with a pronounced stable finish.

Speed 5, Glide 3.5, Turn 0, Fade 4

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Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Proton, Neutron


170-175, 176-179