Zeus – Paul McBeth 6X Claw

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Paul McBeth won his 6th world title in Emporia, KS in the summer of 2022, and Discraft is releasing this set of discs to commemorate Paul’s win. These designs pay homage to the original 4X claw design, while also emphasizing the McBeast nature of the performance at the event. In addition to the McBeast discs, Paul also wanted a more subtle look for his PM line of discs to highlight his achievements.


The Zeus is Paul McBeth’s first distance driver in his lineup. The Zeus is a powerfully overstable driver meant for full power distance drives for advanced players.

The Discraft Zeus (originally introduced as the Kong) was the hottest new disc release Infinite Discs has ever seen.

This Paul McBeth signature disc is similar to the popular Innova Destroyer in flight and feel. The Zeus is a go to driver for power throwers looking for max distance and consistency. The Zeus has a fairly wide rim with a 2.3cm wing length. This is an excellent disc for both forehand and backhand throws for players who can handle the stability.

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Speed: 12 Glide: 5 Turn: -1 Fade: 3


Each disc will come with a two color stamp and comes in ESP Swirl plastic.

The discs available that commemorates Pauls 6th world title are:

  • 6X Claw Design: Luna, Zeus, Anax, Malta, Hades and Athena
  • McBeast Design: Vulture, Heat, Zone, Buzzz, Force and Undertaker


Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 2 cm

ESP: Mauve / Gold Stars / Winter Sunset / 170-172g, ESP: Green w/pink rim / Red Laser / Oil Slick / 170-172g, ESP: Pink Grey swirl / Orange Glitter Stars / Blue Holo / 170-172g, ESP: Grey / Silver Squares / Gold / 170-172g, ESP: Pink swirls / Silver Mosaic Parquetry / Silver Holo / 170-172g, ESP: Grey Lilac / Green Blue colour-shift / Maroon / 170-172g, ESP: Pink / American / Black / 173-174g, ESP: Purple Pink / Silver Waterfall / Purple / 173-174g, ESP: Black / Silver / Wonderbread / 173-174g, ESP: Pink Grey / Silver Stars / Party Time / 173-174g, ESP: Coral / Silver Stars / American / 173-174g, ESP: Pink Purple / Silver Mosaic Parquetry / Pink Holo / 173-174g, ESP: Green / Silver Glitter / Red / 173-174g, ESP: Aqua Swirl / White / Ghost / 173-174g, ESP: Light Lime / Silver Kaleidoscope / Snowflake / 173-174g, ESP: Yellow / Gold Disco / Pink Glitter Stars / 173-174g, ESP: Mauve / White / Silver Square / 173-174g, ESP: White / American / Red Shatter / 173-174g